About the Appointment

Only For Family Class applicants (sponsored) must have a “Medical Report Client Biodata & Summary” document (IMM 1017) before they can book their appointments.

Please note Up front (worker, student & visa) medicals do not require this paperwork.

When you come for your appointment you will need to bring the following items:

  • Original Passport

  • Any official papers from IRCC (work permit, study permit, visitor permit...etc.)

  • Provincial Health Card (if applicable)

  • Prescription Medications

  • Prescription glasses / contact lenses, if required

Appointments are approximately 30 - 40 minutes per person. Please arrive 15min before your appointment time

When you arrive our staff will verify your documents, will ask you to sign client declaration and notice form, then will record your height, weight and take your photo.

A urine sample is required when you arrive for your appointment.

The immigration medical exam will consist of:

1-Physical Examination:-

  • Blood pressure

  • Head and neck

  • ENT Eyes

  • Chest

  • Heart

  • Abdomen

  • Reflexes

  • Motor function assessment

  • Women over 40 may require a breast exam based on the history

  • Patients over 75 will require a Mini Mental Assessment and a general Abilities Assessment

  • Urinalysis (mandatory for all clients five years of age or older)

  • Please note you might be asked to undress based on the requirement of the exam you will be provided with a gown and cover ,women who require a chaperone please ask ahead

2-Blood Work :- (mandatory for all clients 15 years of age or older).

  • HIV
  • Syphilis

More blood work might be needed if medically indicated

3-Chest x-ray (mandatory for all clients 11 years of age or older).

pregnant women may chose to do the following :-

  • finish the medical exam except the x ray and wait until after the baby is born to complete the chest x-ray. The medical examination will be put on hold by IRCC until the x-ray is done

  • have the x-ray done at the time of your examination using protected shield over the abdomen for protection, you may need to consult with the doctor who is following your pregnancy

  • do your Immigration Medical after the delivery

The blood work and the chest x-ray are completed at the Victoria General Hospital, located at 1276 South Park Street in Halifax. During working hours 8-4. This is a first come first serve basis, you need to register at the business office first located in the Centennial Building. Click here for map

The blood work and the chest x-ray for patients 15 years and younger are completed at the IWK Health Centre, located at 5980 University Ave in Halifax.  This is a first come first serve basis and you will make payments at each location separately.

The cost for these are separate from the cost of our medicals. After the completion of these tests, results will be submitted to IRCC through eMedical. If there are any abnormal test results then additional testing may be required.